Fitness Classes

The Libertyville Sports and Fitness Complex offers over 35 group fitness classes per week including early a.m., morning, lunch hour, evening and weekends. For more information on any Group Fitness classes, please contact Jodi Thors.
Dance Jam

Barre Sculpt - Tone & lengthen your muscles in this ballet/Yoga/Pilates-inspired class using light-to-no resistance and utilizing a chair or step or wall as your ballet barre. Barre sculpt exercises rely mainly upon bodyweight for resistance, and the moves challenge core stability and balance.


Basic Training – A fun, challenging way to get your cardio and muscle workouts all in one! Intervals of strength (squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.), and aerobics (running, cycling, sports drills, jumping rope, plyometrics) are all part of this “no frills” boot camp designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, enhance your athletic performance and accelerate weight loss. Intended for all fitness levels—work at your own pace.


Cardio & Core – Jump start your metabolism with this high energy class! Anything goes with cardio intervals followed by core building strength exercises.


Cycle – Group cycling is an awesome way to burn fat, increase strength, and improve cardio fitness. Sign in at the Fitness Desk to reserve your bike. (Please do not sign in for anyone else.) If you are new to Cycle, allow 10 minutes before class to set up your bike. NO cell phone usage during class.


Dance Jam! - Hi/low impact aerobics with a dance twist and simple choreography. Athletic movement combined with a little stylized flair makes this a fun and great workout for everyone!


H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) – short periods of high intensity training with just below maximum effort followed by a recovery period of low intensity.


Jazzercise® - the original dance-exercise phenomenon! (Classes are free for our members but you will be asked to sign in with the Jazzercise instructor prior to class.)


Seniorcize – It’s never too late to start exercising—especially when it’s so FUN! Low impact aerobics followed by exercises designed to increase strength and flexibility and enhance posture and balance.


Step – A fun step cardio class. Choreography will be introduced and broken down, then fused together in a 55-min. class that will fly by!


Strength & Flexibility – Non-aerobic class that will improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Using a variety of equipment (Resist-a-Balls, Body Bars, weights, bands, Xertubes, Xercuffs), you’ll challenge all major muscle groups.


TBC (Total Body Conditioning) - Functional, efficient training. Burn fat and tone your body with this non-stop cardio, core, and strength training class. A fun, energetic interval workout using the principles of interval training to increase your cardio and muscle endurance. Easy to follow moves! Equipment use will vary. Class is intended for all fitness levels--work at your own pace. Modifications will be shown.


YOGA - Yoga helps build flexibility, tone muscle and prevent back pain. This is a multi-level, non-competitive class designed to introduce beginners to the benefits of yoga, yet challenge continuing students.


GENTLE YOGA - Ideal for beginners or those looking for a more restorative practice. Emphasis on breathing, stretching, balance & relaxation as well as learning basic yoga poses.


CHAIR YOGA - No matter what age you are or what condition you are in, you can experience the health benefits of yoga; many

yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation techniques can be done using a chair for support.


Zumba® – ZUMBA is the largest Latin-inspired dance fitness brand in the world. It incorporates moves such as merengue, mambo, salsa, rumba, cha-cha and others into an amazing workout! Ditch the workout—join the party!